Friday and Saturday
April 30 and May 1 2021

Short version

If you want to attend the Clinic or shoot Field Fire, sign up on the entry website when you sign up for Boomershoot.

If you have already signed up for Boomershoot and want to add participation in the Precision Rifle Clinic and/or Field Fire send an email to Joe telling him what you want, your name(s) and he will make the changes in your registration.

March 2021 update from Gene Econ.

Hello All!

Once again we will provide Coaching for those who want coaching and Field Fire for those who just want to set up their gear and shoot. At the end of each day, everyone who participates in the clinic – both Field Fire and Coaching – will get one big and two small boomer targets to shoot. Just a note to new shooters for the Boomershoot weekend. Signing up for the Clinic / Field Fire on Friday and / or Saturday does not automatically sign you up for the Boomershoot on Sunday. If you want to shoot in the Boomershoot on Sunday, you must sign up with Joe Huffman here.

(Friday and Saturday)

Two Events

We have found that most Clinic attendees are repeat customers who do not desire coaching so we provide two venues in order to accommodate the needs of everyone who wants to shoot on Friday and Saturday. We offer individual ‘Coaching’ that follows a formal schedule, and ‘Field Fire’ for those who don’t want coaching. Note that at about 1530 daily, all shooters at the Clinic ceasefire so we can place our individual explosive targets downrange for shooting. The Clinic ends at about 1700 so Joe can set up his night events.


Coaching is focused on your individual goals and needs. If you are the type of shooter who is confident they can go to any range and learn the conditions on their own, you don’t need coaching. If you are new to long range shooting and want to gain some confidence in yourself and your equipment before the Boomershoot, I recommend at least one day of coaching. Coaching is based on your specific goals so I attach a goals sheet for those who desire coaching. By filling out this goals sheet and e-mailing it to me, I will be able to offer advice before you spend money. These goals sheets also direct those who want coaching towards things they can do to prepare for the Boomershoot.

Field Fire

Field Fire is for those shooters who do not want coaching but want to spend a day or two setting up gear, shooting, and seeing old friends on the firing line. All I ask is that you check in with me prior to entering the firing line. For Field Fire shooters, I go live at about 1030 each day so you won’t shoot before my class is done for those who want Coaching. As usual, you are welcome to attend the class if you wish. Like last year, at the end of each day you will get one large and two small boomers to shoot.


Our targets consist of about twenty steel IPSC and auto-poppers arrayed from 375 yards to 700 yards. At the end of each day, each shooter who attends either Field Fire or Coaching gets one big and two small boomer targets that we put up at 375 as a final event of each day.


See the detailed schedule.


Look at the Web Site

If anyone is new to the Clinic and Boomershoot, look at the pictures of the firing area that Joe Huffman has in his web pages. There is a farm road running along the left flank with a farmhouse across this road. Bullets must stay in the impact area on the side of the hill and when the order to cease-fire is given, we must immediately ceasefire. Here are my regulations concerning the Clinic.

Firearms and Ammunition

Maintain muzzle awareness at all times.

Load on the firing line.

Unload and make safe on command.

Finger goes on the trigger only after the barrel is pointed into the impact area.

You may remove your rifle from the firing line to clean and maintain at any time you wish. Take it on yourself to clear and remove the rifle while maintaining muzzle awareness.

If you insist on carrying a pistol, secure it to your body in a manner that prohibits it from pointing at anyone while you are in position.

No .50 Caliber BMG rifles please.

If you want to shoot your .338 Lapua or Winchester, contact me at enebiath@gmail.com for specific rules.

Any rifle that is .30 Caliber or under is authorized. Best effects on Boomers seem to come from 6 and 6.5 mm cartridges.

No ‘Solids’, AP, tracers, or API bullets please.

Black Powder rifles of any caliber are authorized.

Pistols are authorized. Just remember that our first bank of steel is at 375 yards.


Clothing: It is hard to say what the weather will be like at the beginning of May. We have had ice pellet storms, sleet and snow, fine sunny weather, and a mixture of the above all in one day. Pack accordingly.

Rifle and Back-Up Rifle: It would be a pity to show up with one rifle and have mechanical problems that preclude your enjoying the Clinic. Bring a back up rifle.

Back Up Optic: Another good idea.

100 rounds of Ammunition per Day: This is for those who want coaching and is an average amount per day of coaching. Guys who shoot Field Fire go through more or less depending on their desires. I have found 100 rounds to be sufficient for the Boomershoot itself on Sunday but most shoot close to 200 rounds.

Spotting Scope: An absolute must if you are to learn how to dope wind and read bullet trace. If you have signed up as part of a two-man team, make sure your team has at least one spotting scope of very good quality.

A Solid Rest for Your Rifle: You will find that a solid front and rear support is a better idea than just a bipod. Also, understand that the 375 berm is about 35 feet lower lower than the firing line and the 700 yard target area is about 90 feet above the firing line. A means of elevating or lowering the barrel beyond the limits of most commercial shooting rests is highly recommended so bring some small sand bags or pieces of wood to shove under the rear or front of your rest or rifle.

Ear Protection: Required. I recommend some electronic ear muffs as we will be talking while others are shooting.

Food and Water for Lunch: Don’t bet that someone will be on site with chilli and crackers so it is a good idea to bring something to eat for lunch. I will cease fire for about an hour during lunch time.

Thank you again and let’s have a great time in May!

Gene Econ
Last updated: April 23, 2021