Fellow Boomershooters


Not anything most of you havenít read before.† No need to change what has worked very well for many years.† Let me go over a couple of things so we can have a smooth Clinic and Field Fire this year.


The Clinic and Field Fire are on Friday, 30 April and Saturday, 1 May.


Clinic Shooters need to arrive by 0845 and Field Fire shooters can come and go as they please. Please use the back way (from the North via Middle Road) into and out of the firing line when we are hot so we can avoid having to cease fire.


Field Fire shooters must check in with us and get a wrist band showing they have registered and paid.† If you want to shoot Field Fire but haven't registered, see us and we will get you registered.† If you show up and want the Clinic, we may or may not be able to take you but do ask.† Field Fire shooting will start following our class and demo for the Clinic shooters so if you are doing the Field Fire, expect to shoot by 1030 each day.† All are welcome for our class and demo.


We use an air horn to start and stop firing.† One long blast means cease fire and two short blasts means you can load and shoot.


When you hear a cease fire, put your rifle on safe, unload, and come off the rifle.†


If you hear someone call a cease fire, put your rifle on safe, unload and come off the rifle.† We will figure out what is happening and when it is safe to shoot again, we will blow the air horn twice.† No one ever got in trouble for calling a cease fire on their own.


If you want to put out paper for a short range zero, please get me or one of my cadre to inspect its location before you shoot.† Your bullets must go through the paper and into the side of the hill where the steel targets are placed.†


No tracer or incendary ammo unless you get permission from me.† I will have to get permission from Joe.


My steel targets are for .30 caliber and under.† If you want to shoot your .338 and .50 cal at steel, come get me and I will show you some steel that you can shoot.†


Of course, soft lead black powder rounds are fine on any target.


Before you go blasting at steel at the top of the hill (700 yards), ensure you have a zero so you don't shoot over the hill top.† In addition to our safety road guard, there are houses and farms down range on the other side of that hill so please, know your zero before shooting at those targets.†† If you shoot at those targets and your spotter sees no trace or splash, do not add elevation and try again.† Go back to a shorter range target and make sure you are hitting it before going back to 700 yards.†


If you want to remove your rifle from the line; make safe, unload, visual inspection, then put it in your rifle case and remove it from the line.


We will have a cease fire for an hour starting around 1200.† After lunch we will assemble and I will get a count of the shooters who will shoot the end of the day boomers.† At about 1500 each day we will do a cease fire and Joe with his assistants will place two small and one large boomer along the 375 yard berm specifically for you and where you want them placed.† We will bring spray paint so you can mark your targets.† When I have ensured everyone is safe, we will shoot our targets.† I give 15 minutes for you to shoot YOUR targets.† After 15 minutes I will inform the firing line that any target left untouched can be shot by anyone (poaching).† After about another 15 minutes I will call a final cease fire and we will walk the line ensuring everyone is completely off their rifles.† Once I am convinced the line is safe, Joe and his assistants will put in the targets for the High Intensity shoot.

If you are new to the Field Fire, you are in the minority.† About 90 percent of Field Fire shooters have been to multiple Boomershoots and Field Fires.† If unsure about something, ask one of them or one of us.


If you have questions, please feel free to write me at




Gene Econ


March 2021