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All profits for this year’s clinic will go to the 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team), “Lancer Memorial Fund”


bulletApril 29 2005
bulletApril 30 2005

TIME: 0830 – 1730 Each Day

LINK UP LOCATION: Boomershoot Firing Line Both Days


bulletOne day only -- $70.00 Per Person
bulletBoth days -- $100.00 Per Person

CLINIC SIZE: 20 Shooters Per Day


AMMO: 120 Rounds / Day

bulletEquipment list
bulletLancer Memorial Fund
bulletClinic details
bulletCurrent Status (Friday openings only.)

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As some of you know, I have been working as a Marksmanship Instructor and Staff Advisor for the 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team), also known as the “Lancer Brigade”, for the last eighteen months. I have been involved with this Brigade as an independent contractor since it started its transition to become a Stryker Brigade. The ‘Lancer’ Brigade is in and around Mosul right now and has seen quite a bit of tough action over the last two months.

I am still at Fort Lewis and have teamed up with a couple of combat savvy NCOs from the Brigade and we are doing our best in preparing replacements for the very fast and precise business of close combat marksmanship that is the hallmark of most engagements that the Brigade faces in Iraq.

The Brigade has lost three soldiers so far with a number wounded in action. The Brigade has a 501-C fund that assists family members of deceased or severely wounded soldiers so they can travel to and stay near Fort Lewis. Also, this fund is used to purchase flowers, food, and other things for a gathering of family and friends following a funeral. Needless to say, this fund has been hit pretty hard over the last couple of months so this year I will dedicate all profits from the Clinic to the ‘Lancer Memorial Fund’.

For anyone who wants to pay more than the standard Clinic fees I have stated, so that these few extra dollars may go to this fund, I will personally equal any extra money you may want to offer, up to a total of one thousand dollars from me.

If you want to donate to this fund directly, contact me at and I will put you in touch with the Officer or Senior NCO who manages the fund.

The Lancers are a tough outfit. Their Leaders and Soldiers are top notch. Two of them were my assistant instructors at last year’s clinic and both are using their rifles in a most serious manner as this is written. Lets do our shoot knowing that we are supporting this great outfit.

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First – Joe has offered me two days for a clinic this year. 29 and 30 April. We will have our clinic on 30 April for certain and if I get at least ten folks signed up for the 29th, I will run a clinic on the 29th as well. Joe will make up boomers for us for both days so have no fears. If you want to shoot both days – not a problem with me at all. We will have a great time like we have for the last five clinics!

Second – lets focus in on our natural ability to point a steel tube and move a trigger with enough precision to hit those Boomers! We have the ability – maybe we just don’t believe it yet. This year I intend on providing you with some concepts that you can use that will make you know you can shoot those little Boomers.

Third – I intend on being ‘Steel Heavy’ this year with ten each 12 inch auto poppers, five each 8 inch auto poppers, five each six inch auto poppers, and five to ten IPSC size steels to be placed across those engagement areas that Joe designates. Lets use these steels to train ourselves on how to dope wind and to gather zero information that will tell us if our rifle and ammunition is capable of hitting his boomers at what ever range we are shooting.

Forth – three or four ‘Boomers’ per shooter per day of the clinic to be placed wherever that shooter wants so he or she can see just how much fun one of these ‘Boomershoots’ really is!

You veterans know my last event of the day. Pile any live ‘Boomers’ up at the 350-yard line and volley fire. Then an After Action Review and we head towards Orofino for dinner and conversation.

I will take care of data books and assistant instructors. Unfortunately for us, SGT Gaya and SP-4 Plumendore of last year are using their rifles in the most difficult of circumstances with the1/24th Infantry Battalion of the ‘Lancer Brigade’, so they won’t be with us for 2K5. However, I have a few other great soldiers who are savvy to our way of doing things and are ready to mix with us and offer their professional coaching, as we may need. I think you all will enjoy the coaching and leave the Clinic satisfied that you pushed your gear and yourself to the limit and are ready for more challenges.

Lets get off the dime here guys and get ready for a great one or two days of shooting, learning, and conversation!

If you want to register, go to the registration form and send it on in.

See you in April!

Thank you,

Gene Econ
December, 2K4

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Current Status

April 24, 2005

From Eugene this morning:


Please post that I have five slots available for Friday the 29th.

I am filled on Saturday.

If anyone is interested they can contact me or show up Friday morning and I will slot them.

Thank you

Gene Econ

March 26, 2005

For all Clinic Shooters!

The Clinic remains filled and so far, no one has dropped but I have the standby list ready if someone decides to drop.

About eight weeks ago I submitted a check to the Lancer Memorial Fund for $1K. The total donations from the Clinic Shooters was a bit less than $500.00 and I put in enough to make this first donation an even $1K. I believe we will be able to donate another thousand following the clinic. This is a good cause as money that isn't used for those issues described in the Clinic Notice will be used for a memorial that will be permanent.

I will now nag some of you fellows. You are getting close to a month out from the Clinic and Shoot. If you haven't already done so, you best come up with some good loads that you are confident will do the job. For those who already have loads they are confident with, you may want to shoot a string before attending the Clinic just to make sure your rifle and optic are functioning without any problems. One Clinic Shooter attended a 500 yard practice with me and he found out real fast that his scope mount didn't give him enough elevation for even 500 yards. A fine rifle, good ammunition, an excellent optic and a good shooter. Good thing he attended this practice and found out that he needed a scope mount with more taper. Finding this out at the Clinic would have been a sad face indeed.

Set some positive shooting goals that you want to achieve at the Clinic and Shoot. Really be specific in your goals. Write your goals down in a positive first person manner, then write down exactly how you will achieve those goals. From time to time throughout the day, put a clear vision of attaining these goals into your mind.

Be prepared to show your spotter and my cadre and your observer that you can call your shot! I have an idea and am figuring out a simple tool that will enforce this important shooting procedure. It works and it will make you a better marksman and a better observer.

That's the update and if anyone is having difficulty in load development, stating their goals for the Clinic and Shoot, or anything pertaining to the Clinic please feel free to write me.

Gene Econ

January 18, 2005

The Clinic is full but fellows can always sign up in a stand by mode without having to pay and I will contact them in priority if slots get cancelled.

January 14, 2005

Have two slots left for the Clinic then will put guys on a waiting list. The Clinic filled very fast this year. Most will shoot both days of the Clinic.

Have gotten more than one call or e-mail asking pretty much the same questions. So, here are some comments that may alleviate some of the more common issues being raised.

  1. Train yourselves to call your shots. Calling shots is the process where you see where your front sight or cross hair was in relation to the target when your shot was fired. It's a matter of training your eyes to see -- and trusting what your eyes see. Not all calls will be perfect -- sometimes you won't be able to make a call. However, most of the time you can make a good call. If a shooter can call his shots to a reasonable degree -- our ability to coach the shooter increases dramatically.
  2. Have some specific goals for yourselves for the first day of the Clinic. Having a clear goal allows the shooter and the coach to focus on achieving that goal. Anyone who is attending the Clinic and who wants assistance in determining his goals for the Clinic is free to write me an e-mail or call me and we can work it out together.
  3. It is important to reiterate that the Clinic is a Clinic -- not a course of fire. We shoot on steel for most of the Clinic with the Boomers being issued out towards the end of the day with each shooter getting two small and one larger Boomer that he can put anywhere in the impact areas he so desires and shoot during the last hour or so of the Clinic. There is no competition involved in the Clinic and after some formal instruction on two or three subjects -- we focus on individual needs throughout the day.
  4. For those who are attending both days of the Clinic and who are wondering what they will do on the second day -- here is what we will do. At the end of the first day we will have our AAR and each individual will get the opportunity to develop his own goal or two for the following day's Clinic. We will assist anyone wanting assistance in developing one or two clear goals with positive affirmations that they can focus on that evening to prepare them for success the following day. On the second day, we can then focus our attention on those goals that each shooter has developed for himself. So, for those attending both days -- the progression will continue towards their own individual goals. Again, this is a Clinic and is designed to meet individual needs.

So, I am looking forward to another series of Clinics and the Boomershoot itself and please do write me or call me if you have questions or want some simple advice. Until then -- develop some good loads and get in some practice!

Gene Econ

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Last updated: February 06, 2006