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Long Range Precision Rifle Clinic

April 2000
Instructor: Gene Econ

On April 15 I will be running another Long Range Precision Rifle Clinic at the field fire range that Joe is establishing for the Boomershoot. Forget about how much you are paying in taxes this year and lets have some fun blowing up milk cartons instead! Here is the "poop" on the clinic. 

INTENT: It seems like Joe is going to make his Boomershoot into a competitive event this year so my clinic will be focused on the two-person precision rifle team. I will be going over the following details and then we will do some live fire against about fifty of Joe’s Milk Carton Poppers that I will array in those areas that Joe has designated for our use. Here is what I will be covering in the clinic.   

Wind Doping: This will be my standard instruction on reading winds and mirage. I will go over the traditional methods of wind doping and will also be using Joe’s hand calculator ballistics program to see how rapidly we can get this contraption to work and how accurate it is. I will set up some wind flags down range to assist us in our estimations.   

Shooter / Observer Dialogue: This year, I will focus more on how to coach a shooter as he is firing so that a two-person team can score maximum explosions for the Boomershoot. I will instruct a couple of ways of getting a shooter on to a target and then focus our attention on short and clear dialogue between the observer and shooter. Note -- reading trace is a must so you better bring out a decent spotting scope. Also for the shooters -- know how to call a shot.   

Practical Exercise: I will be drilling each team on their ability to rapidly get on a target, rapidly give a wind call, get a shot off, get a call on the shot, and get a follow on shot if the first missed. I will coach every team on this until they are very fast and efficient about their work. We will be shooting the same targets Joe will be using on the Boomershoot so there will be a-lot of noise and smoke. 
Two to Four Team Massed Fire Exercise: Depending on the number of teams we get, I will do an exercise with up to four teams at once. I will identify a target for them and when they all give me an "up" that they are ready to fire, I will give my commands -- "Ready.....Ready...Fire!" -- where all teams under my control will shoot. This is an interesting and exciting drill to use and I think that the teams will enjoy it -- particularly when the explosive targets go off without follow on shots.   

Clean Up Shoot: This will be the "Mad Minute" where we will clean up all remaining targets the right way -- by shooting them.   

MUST HAVE EQUIPMENT: Aside from your rifle, ear and eye protection and clothing for April in Idaho -- here is what I strongly advise for gear.   

Spotting Scope with Rest: Bring a decent spotting scope and some sort of stand for it so you can see bullet trace and mirage. Only one spotting scope is needed per team and I will bring an extra one. 
Ammunition: For the Clinic Day, I suggest you bring 100 rounds of ammunition per shooter. 
Shooting Mat: Having some sort of insulation between you and the ground is a good idea if you are shooting from the prone.

Friday 14 April: I will be camping on the Range and will have coffee on, if you all want to show up Friday. I will also be making a recon of the target locations so I can quickly place the "boomers" out on Saturday morning.   

Saturday 15 April:

0800 - 1000 Boomer Target Placement: Given some coordination with Joe, I will be putting the "Boomers" in starting early in the morning as I want to be done setting them up by 1000.

1000 - 1200: Zeroing -- I will have set up about ten paper targets at a measured 200 yards so you can zero your rifles. I will bring both fifty yard Pistol Bulls for your optically sighted rifle and some standard NRA High Power bulls if you use irons. 

1230 - 1330: Classes -- We need to shoot more than talk so my classes will be done in an hour. My coaching while you fire will be training, so you will get your money’s worth out of it.

1330 - 1530: Team Firing with Coaching -- All teams will be firing and I will go between each team for my little evaluation of their teamwork.

1530 - 1630: Multiple Team Massed Fire  

1630 - Until Complete: Mad Minute  

COST: Thirty Dollars per person please. 
Entries: I can handle up to twenty people as we will be firing in two man teams. If you don’t have a teammate -- we will work the team situation out. I accept all reservations either by phone at (360) 459-3848 or by e-mail at  


SOTIC Training Data Book Update: I have an updated version of my Special Operations Target Interdiction Training Data Books that have 5.56 and .50 caliber data in them as well as more target pages to include the National Match Course. If you want one of these – the cost is $20.00 per book. These are the books that I use for any military sniper course and I will make you one only on request so order one if you want it.   

.3085 VLD Bullets: On your request -- I will make you some of my 185-grain VLD design .3085 rebated boat tail match bullets. Cost is $20.00 per hundred. I use these bullets exclusively at 500 -- 1000 yards and think you would appreciate them.   

.224 VLD Bullets: Like the .308 bullets, I will make you some 77 or 80-grain 5.56mm match bullets if you request them. Cost is $14.00 per hundred. 

Have fun and I hope to see you all in April. RESERVE YOUR PLACE NOW! 
Gene Econ 
(360) 459-3848

Last modified: February 06, 2006