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Rod Tries to Ban Guns, Vibrators

July 18, 2000, 2am

Dear Congressman Rod Blagojevich,

The gangbangers just fired shots outside my window. I kid you not. I can't sleep. Why else would I be writing you at 2am?

For that reason, I suppose you think I'm writing to encourage you to ban concealable handguns. Ban the guns and that will solve the problem, right?

Wrong. Legal or illegal -- criminals will get guns if they want them. Whether itís a Kel-tec P32, knife, baseball bat, or nothing at all, what a criminal carries in his/her hands is minor. A criminal is a criminal and should be locked up.

You call them "pocket rockets." Women call them self-defense.

How dare you interfere with our right to protect ourselves from thugs, rapists, or even a government gone astray? Besides, the cops can't always be there. Just ask Thelma and Louise. Ban concealable guns and you alienate female voters.

Think you're clever when you throw around the term, "pocket rocket?" You make a fool of yourself. You are referring to a vibrator and you donít even know it. You are the laughingstock of the public.

Don't believe me? Go to:

Come up with some better anti-gun rhetoric.

By the way, great pictures on the below web site. You look uncomfortable, as if for the first time in your life, you've been held accountable for doing such a poor job as a Congressman. [4/2008 -- dead link, sorry]

It's a crime that you get paid by taxpayer money to violate the U.S. Constitution. My grandfathers who fought for our freedoms must be turning in their graves.

Sleep well in your security-alarmed home. I won't.

Stephanie Sailor
Second Amendment Sister/Libertarian Party of Chicago

*Back in 2000, this link directed readers to the original Libertarian Party of Chicago (LPC) website, which, at the time, featured photos of Illinois US Congressman (now IL Governor) Rod Blagojevich, at the annual Chicago Gay Pride Parade. Rod was in his slow-moving taxpayer-funded motorcade, waving his hand like a beauty pageant winner, attempting to show his support for the freedom to be you and me. How open-minded of Rod.

A few members of the LPC approached Rod, questioning his failure to uphold his oath to the US Constitution, in particular, his attempts to squash the the 2nd Amendment. Happy smiley Rod turned frowney and uncomfortable. :-( The photos documenting Rod's true colors were precious.

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